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Zeroflats anti-defective milk, 60 ml

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Zeroflats anti-defective milk

- Zero flats is a latex milk of nanoceptual composition, which is installed inside the tire, and in the event of a defect, it coagulates, creating a flexible and permanent connector.
- Zero flats replaces souls and performs piercing repairs immediately. It can also be used on regular tires. This can reduce the weight of the bike by up to 200g.
- Zero flats recommends using tires from Schwalbe, Continental, Kenda. It is important to use tires that have a good tire bead.
-Zero Flats can blow a CO2 bomb.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Avoid contact with eyes and clothing during installation. Zero flats contain ammonia, which can cause eye irritation. Wear safety goggles. If Zero flats get in your eyes, wash them with clean water. Zero flats are soluble in water, do not allow to dry on clothing and wash as soon as possible. Usage: 60ml per wheel

You need 60ml of Zero flats milk to seal 1 wheel. If you use Tubeless, TNT or Tubeless Ready tires, a workshop or CO2 pump is all you need. Place the tire on the rim and inflate it so that the bead fits into the rim. Then unscrew the valve and pour 60ml Zero flats and inflate to the required pressure. The procedure is the same for installing conventional tires, but you will need a compressor to inflate it.

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A brand called Zeroflats offers sealants, anti-puncture pads for tires or lubes.

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