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Bikefitting in MTBIKER centre

At our MTBIKER centre in Hrádok and in showroom MTBIKER Bratislava we have professional equipment for setting and optimization of your fit, which is carrying the name Bikefitting. This service is done according to every cyclists' physique to measure the right bike fit.

Except for professional equipment, it is important who does the whole fitting for the rider. Our team has not just Bikefitting training but also skills from many parts of cycling through road to MTB and e-bike.

Our bikefitters:

  • Martin, you may know him from the store in Hrádok, he rides MTB the most but also likes to give a go to road or gravel style.
  • Cepo, he uses his own cycling and racing experience and specializes in doing the Professional fit.
  • Marek O., is in daily contact with customers in Hrádok, so he draws experience not only from his own riding.

Fits for:

  • road, gravel, cyclocross, track, triathlon, MTB, MTB trail, trekking, e-bike


Provided Bikefitting measurements

We will consult choosing the correct insert model according to the customers' feet, shoes and activity before the installation. Then we will adjust the size of the thermoplastic insert, fit it into the shoe and warm it up thanks to special Formthotics equipment. It will reach the ideal temperature when it adapts to the foot. The installation price doesn't include the shoe insert price. Check out the current selection and sizes can in the shop.

Range: approx. 0.5 h
Price: 20 €

Discount: 100% for buying footwear at the price of 200 € and more

Necessary to bring: footwear with the original inserts

The measurement set-up consists of the cyclists' physique and musculoskeletal examination. A special stool for measuring the optimal position of the cleats (clips) is used. The set-up may be done both for MTB and road footwear.

Range: approx. 0.5 h
Price: 30 €

Discount: 100% for buying footwear at the price of 250 € and more

Necessary to bring: own footwear and cleats

It is best to do this fit before buying a new bicycle since according to this, you could choose the correct size and geometry. It consists of the cyclists' physique and musculoskeletal examination. Special software and equipment for measuring the physique are used, they are a part of the services' know how. You will get a Bikefitting PDF output including all the measurements for your calculated optimal fit.

The price doesn't include installation of Formthotics shoe inserts, shoe cleat adjustment or bike fit.

Range: approx. 1 h
Price: 70 €

Necessary to bring: own cycling apparel

Dynamic fit is a complete riders' fit set-up. The service includes shoe cleat adjustment and Static fit, and the whole cycling fit is done last. A special laser device is used for precise measurement of the old fit, after which is set up the new one, calculated by Bikefitting software. The final fit touch up is done during a ride on a smart home trainer with the riders' own bike. If the rider would like to install Formthotics, it is better to do so before the whole fit, but the installation price is not included in the price of Dynamic fit.

Range: approx. 2 h
Price: 140 €
When setting up two bikes and bike shoes for one rider (e.g. MTB and road), the price is reduced to €210.


  • 100% for buying bicycle at the price of 5000 € and more
  • 50% for buying bicycle at the price of 3000 € and more
  • 20% when purchasing a bike under 3000 €

Necessary to bring: own footwear, cleats, bicycle and cycling apparel

Professional measurement includes all services like dynamic measurement, it is performed by our bike fitter Cepo with many years of racing experience. It is suitable for racers and cyclists whose goal is to increase sitting effectiveness with an emphasis on detail and performance. Time trial and triathlon poses are set only by Professional measurement.

Range: approx. 2 h
Price: 180 €
When setting up two bikes and bike shoes for one rider (e.g. MTB and road), the price is reduced to €270.


  • 100% for buying bicycle at the price of 6000 € and more

It is necessary to bring: a bicycle, your own clip-in shoes and cleats, cycling clothes, time trial aero helmet (if time trial or triathlon sitting)

For making an appointment, send an e-mail to with information such as:

  • name and surname
  • phone number
  • the service you're interested in
  • preferred days and time of the week
  • the brand and the model of your bike
  • place for the fit (either Hrádok, Bratislava or both)

Afterwards we will contact you and decide on the exact date together.

In order not to surprise us during the measurement, check this before arrival:

  • if the bicycle is funstional and clean
  • if it is possible to demount your shoe cleats
  • if it is possible to demount your seatpost and saddle
  • if your cycling apparel (shorts, jersey, footwear, socks) are clean)

Dynamic and Professional fit includes riding on a bike home trainer, so you can bring a towel and use a shower after.

In our magazine, we mage an article for you about the importance of correct bike fit set-up also more information about the service Bikefitting.

Video about the most common fit mistakes, which can be usually seen.

Prices are valid since 1.8.2022.
The customer uses these services at their own risk and is aware of their medical state.
Discounts for bikefitting are non-transferable and are applicable only for the specific purchased goods in s.r.o. Discounts can be applied only within 30 days from the purchase date. s.r.o. isn't responsible for any damage of the customer's equipment, which may happen during provided services.