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Service in the MTBIKER centre

At our MTBIKER centre in Hrádok and in showroom MTBIKER Bratislava , we have a fully equipped service with tools from Park Tool and Unior. Although we mainly prioritize our customers (warranty examination, service, post-warranty service for bicycles bought in MTBIKER shop and centre), we also offer service of bikes bought somewhere else.

Servisný kút

Shimano Service Centre

  • Schooled and certificated mechanics
  • The newest Shimano technologies
  • Shimano original parts
  • Professional consultation
  • Most of the components in stock or available within 48 hours
  • Evaluation of warranty claims immediately, on complicated cases within 48 hours.
  • Bikefitting

Telephone number for service : 0908 926 318 (please use the order form for service orders)