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An electric bicycle is ideal for sports, training and will help improve your condition just like a classic bicycle. The ebike becomes an ideal companion, either when commuting to work or on a proper trip. With an electric bicycle, you can do much more with significantly less effort.

An electric bicycle will bring benefits not only to active athletes, but also to recreational and less powerful riders. Whether an electric bike will help with a lack of time, which will make up for it with a faster uphill ride, or help to balance the difference in fitness.

In any case, the e-bike will bring a lot of fun to your every trip. Driving at an optimal heart rate for fat burning or cardio training is also an inseparable advantage. Given the growing range of e-bikes, finding the right one can be challenging. The aim of this guide is to simplify this selection process by explaining the different types of e-bikes and providing valuable tips for better choosing your new e-bike.

What basic type of electric bikes to consider?

  • Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs): Designed for off-road riding, have robust frames, wide tires and powerful motors that provide assistance on challenging trails. They are produced with front fork suspension or full suspension, when the rear structure of the frame is also suspended. They are ideal for those who enjoy adventure rides, hill climbs and technical descents.
  • Gravel e-bikes: Designed for riders looking for adventure in a variety of terrains including gravel roads, dirt roads and even light off-road roads. These bikes have a robust frame and wider tires with a tread pattern for better grip.
  • Road e-bikes: Designed for riders who primarily ride on paved roads and prioritize speed and efficiency. These bikes have lightweight frames and narrow, smooth tires that reduce rolling resistance and increase speed. With the additional assistance of an electric motor, road e-bikes provide a boost during acceleration and help maintain higher speeds with less effort.
  • E-cross bikes: Combine the versatility of a road bike with the off-road capabilities of a mountain bike. With nimble handling and robust construction, electric cross bikes offer the best of both worlds.
  • Electric trekking bikes: Designed for riders who like to ride long distances. These electric bikes combine the comfort and durability of touring bikes with the additional assistance of an electric motor.
  • City electric bikes: Designed for commuting to work in the city and easy riding around town. These e-bikes prioritize comfort, convenience and practicality, making them an excellent choice for riders looking for an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport.
  • Children's electric bikes: Designed to introduce young riders to the world of cycling with the added fun and excitement of an electric motor.

What to consider when choosing an electric bicycle?

To help you decide, here are some points to consider when choosing an e-bike:

  • Determine your riding needs: Consider how you plan to use the e-bike. Are you looking for a bike for commuting to work, off-road riding or for recreational rides? Understanding your specific riding needs will help you narrow down your selection to the specific category of electric bike that we have presented above.
  • Battery capacity: The battery capacity determines the range of the electric bicycle and is given in Wh. Consider how far you plan to travel on a single charge, and select a battery with sufficient capacity to meet your needs. Don't forget that factors such as terrain, weight, and level of assistance can affect battery range.
  • Motor type: E-bikes come with different types of motors - hub motors and mid-motors. Hub motors are located in the wheels and provide direct power, while mid-motors are located in the centre of the frame and offer better weight distribution and a more natural riding experience. Most modern bikes use mid-engines.
  • Motor power and assistance levels: E-bikes have different motor power, usually measured in watts. Most ebikes use a power of 250 W, which is the maximum according to the decree. An important parameter is the torque, given in Nm, which the engine provides.
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