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Loyalty discounts in MTBIKER and MTHIKER shop

We try to keep prices at MTBIKER shop, MTHIKER Shop and also in our three stores at the lowest possible point for all our customers. However, we value loyalty, which is why we provide our loyal customers and users with loyalty discounts for purchases in our e-shops and stores.

How can I participate?

Every user of,, a customer of MTBIKER shop or customer of one of our stores (if they report their MTBIKER account) is involved in the loyalty system. You don't have to fill out any forms and bring a card with you - all you need to do is give consent while shopping or ordering.

How does it work?

The loyalty system works on the basis of points, which will put you in one of three categories:

Category Point range New bike1 discount Discount on selected products2 discount Bike service discount Notes
person Standard 0 - 249 0% 0% 0%
person Premium 250 - 999 5% 3 - 10% 15%
person VIP 1000 or more 10% 5 - 15% 25% + free shipping for orders above 49€3

Points are automatically added on for every paid (and not returned) order from the MTBIKER shop or store (in a ratio of 1 point = 1 euro)4 and for rating the purchased products.

The points are valid for 2 years and are recalculated once a day. Your current point status can be found in the section Your orders.

How do I claim my discount?

When you are logged into your account, you can see an icon in the top bar indicating your category, and the prices you see next to every product are already with your sale.

You can count on the same prices while shopping in stores, if you tell your account name to the cashier (the cashier may ask for an ID to confirm identity). If you know beforehand what you want to buy, we recommend making an order via e-shop with the pick-up point in Hradok / Bratislava. This way you know the final price in advance and thus speed up the shopping process.

1: new bikes are defined as current or next year models that not already discounted.
2: selected products are defined as all products (excluding bikes and discount vouchers) where loyalty discount can be applied. The selection changes continuously based on purchase and retail prices.
3: Alternatively, the equivalent in a foreign currency.
4: For purchases in a currency other than EUR, points for the order are added based on the applicable exchange rate..

We reserve the right to change the number of discounts and point ranges without prior notice, especially in the event of abuse of discounts or changes in the market situation.
We reserve the right not to put the customer in the Premium or VIP loyalty category if they have not received valid cash on delivery order in the past.