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MTBIKER was founded in 1998 as the first cycling website in Slovakia and has grown to become the largest and most visited cycling portal in the CEE region and is among the most popular cycling websites worldwide.

MTBIKER today covers the community more than 200 000 cyclists, who share opinions, photos, and experiences. Since 2014 we have also been operating e-shop with the widest selection and the best prices in Slovakia. You can visit us in three stores - since 2016 in MTBIKER centre in Hradok, and since 2021 in showroom MTBIKER Bratislava and since 2023 also in store MTBIKER Zilina.

The mission of this page is to become a place where cyclists will be able to find all the information and products which will help them enjoy their hobby to the maximum. We want to give an opportunity for all cyclists to communicate in a safe space with others and also help them choose a bicycle or some components they might need. We want cyclists to have one place where they can log in and share their experiences and photos. We also want to help to plan their routes and trios or with their training. Our users will always be in the first place.

The MTBIKER page is operated by the company MTBIKER.shop s.r.o., identification number 52770222. Here are our contact info .

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  • You can add advertisements to our bazaar.
  • You can contribute to existing topics or create new ones in the forum.
  • You can add photos and videos.
  • You can add comments and rate other posts.
  • You can create private events and invite bikers to them.
  • You can attend our competitions.
  • You can see which topics have you read and which not, and we'll notify you about new posts, advertisements and comments.
  • You can add bicycles to your account.
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Find out more detailed information about the sections of this page below - but you will find a lot of additional information and options for purchase or support on the pages available from the right menu in this section..

MTBIKER page functions description

MTBIKER is a complex portal for cyclists and consists of many sections. Read about them below, and don't forget that there is a search in the header which will help you find what are you looking for.

home Home page

On the home page you will find several latest articles per day and also our selection of the most interesting articles from the last 7 days. In addition, you will always find the latest special offers, advertisements, photos and upcoming events in our calendar. It is worth visiting here several times a day..

Shop Internet shop MTBIKER

The biggest Slovak cycling e-shop with more than 50 000 products from hundreds global and exclusive brands. More than a half is usually in stock with next day shipping. All goods have a full warranty and can be returned within 30 days.

Magazine Articles and videos about cycling

Here you will find articles and videos from all fields of cycling. Articles and videos are categorized according to so-called "tags" that you can click to view content dedicated to that "tag" - e.g.. training.

In the list of articles, in the right menu, you will also find a list of the most popular categories and a list of the most read articles for the last month..

After reading the article you have the option to rate or comment the article. We would be glad if you would use this option - it gives us valuable feedback and comments are a really great addition to an article. It would also please us if you would share the article on Facebook or other social media..

Forum The biggest cycling forum

Our forum is the largest and most active cycling form in Slovakia. Here, yu have an opportunity to find an answer to any question about cycling. If you can't find it, place it, and the answer will come shortly..

The forum as a section is divided into almost 20 forums, each containing hundreds of topics and tens of thousands of posts. You can browse it individually, or search, or follow active topics, whether topics without answers. If you are logged in, the forum will show you which topics have unread posts by you and allow you to follow new posts in forums or topics.

You can contribute to topics or create topics, but only if you are registered and logged in. The forum contains a number of features for quoting, attaching attachments, inserting photos and videos, rating posts and more, which you will surely discover using the forum..

Classified ads The biggest cycling bazaar

In the bazaar, you'll find several hundred new advertisements for new and used bicycle goods every day. Bazaar is our most active section, with over 60,000 ad views per day, so it's the perfect place to get rid of your old or unwanted components and bikes. The bazaar contains only current advertisements - advertisements can be deleted by the clients when they're no longer valid, or the system will delete them after a maximum of 3 months.

The bazaar is categorised into types of sold goods. Every advertisement is only in one category. You can filter those categories in the menu on the right according to category, district, price and other criteria. You can also check out advertisements from other forum members, your friends or advertisements labelled as favourites by you. There is a search in the header like in other sections.

Every advertisement will tell you who the seller is (and you can check out their other stuff and profile), where are they from (sometimes precisely on the map), and how many times was the ad viewed and reviewed. You can rate the ad too, add a comment or write a private message to the seller. If it violates the rules or is misclassified, feel free to click on the exclamation mark icon to report it to our team .

If you are adding an ad, which is free of charge with us, use the form to fill in as much information as possible and place it in the correct category. You can share the ad on Facebook so as many people as possible can find out about it and every 3 days "top it up" for free - to get back to the top of the list of ads.

Community section for the MTBIKER community

Here you will find the activities of our community - trips and rankings, photos added to the forum, calendar of events with the possibility of registration and cycling routes on a clear map.

Trips Trips and training manager

In this section, you can keep a detailed training diary, compare yourself with others, join the team, get inspired or join a training/trip, or find out how other bikers are doing. If you use the Diet system, trips to this section can be recorded completely automatically.

Photo Photo-gallery made by bikers

In this section you will find photos posted by our users in the forum.

Calendar Cycling event calendar

In this section, you can find official events organized in Slovakia or nearby. You can filter the caledar according to dates, event type, country or event league. All events are also shown on the map, so you can see events near you.

Each event has its own detailed page, where you will find all information about the event - from propositions, race center maps, weather in the race center to comments / discussion about the event and after the event results, reports and photos from the event. You can also see the event ratings and who is registered for the event from MTBIKER members.

Bike paths Cycling map

Here you will find a digital cycling map of Slovakia, that you can also use in the field on your mobile. Here are photos from the forum, which were taken in the given locations, so that you have an idea of what it looks like there.

mail Private messages

This section allows us to receive and send private messages among registered users of the MTBIKER page. It is a safe and comfortable way of communication among the users. This section functions like your classic email client, but instead of email addresses, the messages are sent directly to users based on their username..

In addition to traditional features such as merging messages into conversations, the ability to send a message to multiple users, forward messages, and so on, messages can be reported for policy violations and folders and rules can be created for filtering and better message management..

notifications_none Notifications

Notifications alert you to new posts on the topics you follow, new private messages, new comments on articles, new ads in the categories you follow, new articles, and also if someone mentions you in a post. Notifications turn red if you have unread notifications - that red indicator disappears when you read the notifications..

person Your user profile

In your user profile, you will see what information you publish about yourself to other registered members, more about your activity, posts, photos, articles, comments, advertisements and events you are going to. In this section, you can also add your own bikes to your profile - and define components, weight, photos and serial number for each bike in case of theft,.

settings Setting

You can change all aspects of your profile in the settings. Whether it's personal information, a photo, contact information, your password, or settings for forum and site functions, you can find everything in one place. Here you can also find the option to add friends and ignored users. This will help you filter posts and bazaar.