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10-11-12 speed rear derailleurs

MTB 10-11-12 speed

The number of derailleur speeds refers to the number of gears on the rear cassette, here is a brief description of 10, 11 and 12 speed derailleurs, their use and how to choose:


  • 10-speed derailleurs: usually found on entry-level and mid-range bikes. They have a simpler construction compared to derailleurs for multi-speed drives.
    They are suitable for casual riders, commuters and those who don't care too much about a wide range of gears. Furthermore, they are common on hybrid bikes, some road bikes and entry-level mountain bikes.
  • 11-speed derailleurs: work with an 11-speed cassette to provide more gears. They are used on a wide variety of road, mountain and cyclocross bikes. Compared to 10-speed systems, it offers smoother shifting and a slightly wider gear range. They are ideal for more demanding cyclists and provide a good balance between gear range and simplicity.
  • 12-speed derailleurs: typically found on higher-end mountain bikes, they offer precise and quick shifting, often with the option of electronic shifting. They are suitable for experienced cyclists, racers and those who want the latest technology and the maximum gear range. The 12-speed drives are ideal for tackling steep climbs and challenging terrains.
In the end, your choice should correspond to your cycling goals, budget and the specific requirements of the environment and terrain in which you will be riding.


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