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Clipless pedals for mountain bicycle

Clipless MTB
Clipless pedals are an excellent tool for improving the efficiency of pedalling and increasing control over the bicycle. Those for MTB are adapted to the environment where they will be used, so they are more durable, better resistant to pollution and easier to "clip". Racers reach for the double-sided (multi-sided) ones, made of more durable and lighter materials such as titanium and carbon. Clipless MTB pedals can also be combined, i.e. a clipless pedal with a platform. This allows the use of cycling shoes as well as sneakers. Before choosing a specific model, make sure that your shoes allow their use. Before you hit the road with your new pedals, try using them in a safe place.
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TATZE MC-FLY Titan clipless pedals In stock > 2 pairs

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TATZE MC-FLY clipless pedals In stock > 2 pairs

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FORCE pedals SPD black In stock 4 pcs

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FORCE MTB pedals SPD In stock > 5 pairs

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