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This page exists to serve the community of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in Slovakia. We want the site to be a place where everyone can find all the information they need about their hobby and have the space to communicate with like-minded people. Anyone can visit the site and read its content. To use the site's community functions and online shopping, it is necessary for visitors to be logged into their user account. These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the operator of this site and the registered users of this site.

1. Sign Up Information

  1. The operator of this website is the company MTBIKER.shop s.r.o., 225, Hradok 916 33, Slovakia, ID: 52770222 (hereinafter referred to as the "operator" or "we").
  2. This webpage is accessible from several domains: www.mtbiker.sk, www.mthiker.sk, www.mtbiker.cz, www.mthiker.cz, www.mtbiker.shop, www.mtbiker.at, www.mtbiker.hu, www.mtbiker.de, www.mtbiker.pl, www.mtbiker.ro, www.mtbiker.si or through other national domains. Other domains may have a different language version or varied functionality.
  3. It is essential for visitors to create a user account in order to use the site to its full extent. This account allows the visitors to use the services mentioned in Article 3. Creation and management (operation) of the account is free of charge. User account can be also referred to as an account or a profile.

2. User Account Agreement

  1. Creation and its subsequent management by the operator occurs on the basis of a contract created between the site visitor and its operator. User account creation can happen in the following cases:
    1. when directly signing up through the form available in the header of the web page,
    2. when making an order in the shop in accordance to Terms and Conditions,
    3. when adding a listing to the bazaar,
    4. when signing up to an event through the calendar.
  2. By agreeing to these terms of use, the visitor freely and seriously expresses their will to conclude a contract with the operator, based on which a user account will be created and subsequently managed according to these terms of use.
  3. The contract is concluded for an infinite period and its termination is carried out according to article 7.
  4. By concluding this contract the visitor becomes a registered user..

3. Services Provided by Operator

  1. The operator provides many services to registered users that are not accessible to other, not-registered visitors. Depending on the language and content version, these may be the following site content related services :
    1. An option to rate posts, discussion posts, comments, photos, events, trips and other content on this webpage,
    2. Option to add comments underneath posts, listings, products, events, cycling trips on this page,
    3. Option to add to the discussion forum, including photo upload,
    4. Option to add listings to the bazaar section.
    5. Option to add training records in Trips section and compare your performance with the community in the Rankings section,
    6. Option to plan, save and share routes in Cycle Routes section,
    7. Option to sign up for events in the Calendar section and an option to indicate participation in events.
  2. Apart from services related to the site content, the operator also provides services related to shopping at the e-shop of the operator:
    1. Customer account with a list of all the user's orders, including their current status, the possibility of return and claim of goods, and the possibility of contacting customer support,
    2. Option to create shopping lists for easier access to products and availability tracking,
    3. The loyalty system, which rewards registered users for their loyalty and activity on the page with loyalty discounts,
    4. Personalized recommendations and better search in the e-shop based on previous purchases and browsed content on the page.
  3. The availability, functionality and the list of these services may change over time and the operator has a right to restrict or cancel some of the services, if the operator cannot offer them any further due to operational reasons.
  4. When providing services we're guided by the feedback from our users, but it isn't always possible to satisfy everyone. We always try to find a solution that suits the majority of our users..
  5. We try to be as objective as we can when it comes to our articles and submissions, however, every article is the subjective opinion of its author and may not match the opinion of the operator.

4. Stored User Data

  1. For the purposes of providing services (as stated above in Article 3), the operator processes various types of data of registered users, some of which are personal data. More information about the processing of data and privacy protection can be found in the section Our privacy policy.
  2. Data processed by the operator includes:
    1. Email address, which is the main and unique identifier of the user,
    2. Basic personal and contact information, if the user provides it,
    3. IP address and cookies,
    4. Comments, discussion posts, listings, photos, ratings, trips and other posts, which the user has uploaded to the site,
    5. Orders and returns made through a user account,
    6. Shopping lists created by the user,
    7. Products, forum posts, articles and listings that have been viewed by the user,
    8. Uset account settings.
  3. Registered user can view data saved in their user account in account settings. In this section, the user can change their contact information, privacy and notifications settings, as well as other page and account parameters.
    1. The user can object to or reject the processing of data for the needs of the services mentioned in Article 3.b.iii and 3.b.iv by disabling the loyalty program, or by disabling recommendations.
    2. In the account settings, the user can withdraw from the contract concluded according to Article 2 and delete the user account according to Article 7 of these Terms and Conditions.

5. Rules and Regulations for Registered Users

  1. Any individual above the age of 16 can become a registered user. Individuals below 16 can be registered only after sending their legal guardian's consent in written form to the address web@mtbiker.shop.
  2. Each individual can have no more than one user account at a time..
  3. Any content, which was added to the page by a registered user, can be deleted by the operator, if it fulfills one or more of the following traits:
    1. The post is rude, racist, extremist or otherwise hateful or implies so.,
    2. The post violates the law or urges to violate the law,
    3. The post contains or refers to pornography,
    4. The post infringes on the copyright of a third party,
    5. The post is an ad or spam,
    6. If the post bothers other registered users, they can report it or mark it as poor quality or offensive.
  4. All articles, videos, photos, discussion posts, comments and other materials uploaded to the site by users are their own opinions and not those of the operator. The operator is not responsible for the content of these materials, nor for damages or injury that may arise from the publication of these materials on the site.
  5. All articles, videos, photos, discussion posts, comments and other materials added to this page must be a direct manifestation of the registered user's personality, the registered user's author's work, or the registered user must have an adequate license for them. In the event of a violation of copyright, personal or basic human rights (in particular privacy rights, personality rights or the right to protect personal data) of a third party, we can demand compensation from the registered user for possible damages that might result from claim enforcement of the third party affected by the illegal actions of the registered user, towards us, as the website operator.
  6. The operator is not able to proactively check the identity of users or the content they add to the site. Registered users therefore have the tools to report harmful or illegal content, which the provider can subsequently remove from the site.
  7. Individual sections of the webpage can have their own rules and regulations, and it is mandatory for users to follow them when contributing to these respective sections.
  8. The list of rules and conditions can change over time, can be added to or be further specified, in order to protect intellectual property, due to changes in law and to reflect community needs.
  9. Violation of these rules and regulations may result in temporary or permanent restriction of some of the provided services. In case of repeated or serious violations, the provider has the right to terminate the contract (block or remove the user account) or block the visitor from accessing the site.

6. License agreement

  1. By adding a discussion post, article, listing, comment, trip, photo or other material to this page, if such an output should be the subject of intellectual property, as a registered user you grant us a non-exclusive license to use the work (i.e. the relevant output representing the subject of intellectual property), under the following conditions:
    1. the way the work is used acc. to statute § 19 par. 4 letter. c) a f) of Copyright law (meaning the inclusion in the database and presentation of the work to the public),
    2. to an unlimited extent (according to § 67 of the Copyright Act),
    3. throughout the entire duration of author's property rights to their work,
    4. without a right to financial compensation (in this regard, we consider your right to use the functions of this website as consideration ),
    5. with the author's consent to grant a sublicense to a third party and provided that
    6. we are authorized to remove content that violates the rules acc. to Article 5 from our web page and other platforms.
  2. License agreement includes the use on other web pages and social media pages (mainly Facebook, Instagram) and other platforms (YouTube channels) that belong to the operator.
  3. If the discussion post, article, listing, comment, trip, photo, audiovisual recording or other content that you added to this website isn't an author's work, or isn't a subject of intellectual property, taking into account the above-mentioned, you acknowledge that the addition of such content to this website corresponds to your consent to the use of your individual person, or individual personality, regarding the purposes and goals, for which we operate this website (see the introduction of these terms). In order to maintain these goals, it is key for us to preserve the content and its logical continuity in the discussions, and thus by adding a post you agree that all (if possible) of your content will stay, regarding its contents, on our website even after you decide to delete your user account, however, it will be displayed as anonymous post, thus making it impossible to connect such content to your person, or the identity you've created on our website.

7. Contract Termination

  1. The contractual relation between the user and the operator, or the contract concluded acc. to Article 2 between registered user and operator, can be terminated at any point in time by means of the section Account settings by pressing the Delete account button.
    1. After confirming account deletion, the operator will delete all personal data of the user (the exception being personal data processed for other purposes than user account management) and will remove the connection between the content that the user has uploaded to the site and their user account.
    2. The operator is not able to automatically remove personal data of the user, in case they are located within content (text) that was added by the user themselves. The user has a right to request the deletion of their personal data from the page at any point in time after contract termination. The user can do so by email web@mtbiker.shop, where they identify specific content, which contains their personal data.
    3. The operater has 30 days to delete personal data from backup.
  2. The contractual relationship between the registered user and the operator, or the contract concluded acc. to Article 2 between the registered user and the operator, can be terminated by the operator in case of repeated or serious violation of account rules or registered user regulations (acc. to Article 5) by the registered user.