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Pirelli P ZERO™ Race TT 700x28C tire, Kevlar, red

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Made for those racing against time in time trials or triathlons. The P ZERO™ Race TT was developed in collaboration with our professional athletes using our most advanced rubber compound derived from the world of elite motorsport. This SmartEVO compound combined with a super-lightweight 120 tpi braided construction makes the P ZERO™ Race TT the fastest and lightest inner tube road tire in the Pirelli portfolio when every second counts!

The P ZERO Race TT is a specialized product that was specifically requested and developed for the Pirelli teams in the World Tour for time trial and/or triathlon events. It features a lightweight but fast construction designed for use with a 120 tpi nylon fabric inner tube and no under-pattern protective gusset. This time trial version uses the most advanced Pirelli SmartEVO rubber compound to provide the highest performance. The result is a 20% faster and 5% lighter tire (comparison of models for use with the P ZERO Race and P ZERO Race TT tubes), which works best in conjunction with the Pirelli P ZERO SmarTUBE tube.

The P ZERO™ Race is an evolution of the P ZERO™ Velo design: several seasons of research and development on the World Tour led to a new design that improves the bike's behavior in all weathers.

Use : time trial bikes, marginal performance bikes
Seasonality : spring, summer, autumn, marginally winter
Construction : 120tpi, soul
Rubber compound : SmartEVO
Technologies : SmartEVO, LITE
Dimensions : 700x28
Recommended rim width : 19C (not compatible with "hookless" rim without bead edge)
Weight : 215 g (700x28)

SmartEVO rubber compound
The new SmartEVO rubber compound uses a blend of 3 different polymers, each providing specific performance qualities to achieve an optimal balance of opposing properties such as grip and rolling resistance. Pirelli has used its knowledge and experience from more than 100 years in the development of rubber compounds for motorsport, when these products have always been used in the highest level races in all disciplines. This extensive knowledge from the development and racing department has allowed Pirelli to create a triple polymer blend with "smart" performance properties for bicycle tires and forms the basis for the excellent characteristics of the SmartEVO compound - better grip in both dry and wet conditions, and at the same time lower rolling resistance. Pirelli has created a performance rubber compound designed and tuned for all modern road cycling disciplines, from local or World Tour races to epic adventures, where climates and varied surfaces demand tires that reliably perform at the highest level in all circumstances.

It's lightweight and flexible braid construction maximizes speed, handling and ride feel. It is considered an ideal construction for riders looking for every extra second. LITE is Pirelli's most powerful racing construction, thanks to its lighter weight achieved with a 120 tpi fiber density frame without additional sidewall protection. The LITE construction is specially designed for use in time trials.

Product details

Tubeless No
Material kevlar
Colour black
product ID 207417
Tyre values
PSI - indicates the pressure at which the manufacturer recommends inflating the tire. 1 atm = 14,7 PSI
TPI (EPI)- tyre fibre density. The higher the TPI value, the more flexible the tire will be.
Kevlar tyre- made of kevlar fibres. The tyre can be folded, so it is more practical when moving or storing. It is characteristic of its lower weight compared to wired ones and higher puncture resistance
Wired tyre- made of wire. It can't be folded like the kevlar one, and it is heavier. Overview of tyre sizes and markings
Size chart ETRTO Inches FR
28" 18-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 18C 
19-622 700 x 19C 
20-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 20C  
22-622 28 x 7/8  700 x 22C  
23-622 28 x 7/8  700 x 23C  
25-622 28 x 1.00, 1 1/16  700 x 25C  
28-622 28 x 1.20  700 x 28C  
30-622 28 x 1 5/8 x 1 1/8  700 x 30C  
32-622 28 x 15/8 x 11/4  700 x 32C 700C COURSE  
35-622 28 x 15/8 x 13/8  700 x 35C  
37-622 28 x 1 5/8 x 1 3/8  700 x 35C  
40-622 28 x 1.50 28 x 1 5/8 x 1 1/2  700 x 38C
42-622 28 x 1.60  700 x 40C  
44-622 28 x 1.625  700 x 42C 
47-622 28 x 1.75  700 x 45C 
50-622 28 x 1.90 28 x 2.00 
60-622 28 x 2.35 
32-635 28 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/8 770 x 28B 700 x 28B 770B COURSE 
40-635 28 x 1 1/2 28 x 1 1/2 x 1 3/8  700 x 38B 700 x 35B 700 Standard 700B Standard  
44-635 28 x 15/8 x 11/2  700 x 40/42B
28-642 28 x 1 3/8 x 1 1/8  700 x 28A  
37-642 28 x 1 3/8  700 x 35A  
Overview of tyre compatibility with rims
Size chart
Tyre width in mm Wheel rim in mm
13C 15C 17C 19C 21C 23C 25C 27C 29C
18                  X
20                  X
23                  X                  X
25                  X                  X                  X
28                  X                  X                  X                   X
32                  X                  X                  X                   X
35                  X                   X                    X
37                  X                   X                    X                    X
40                  X                   X                    X                    X
42                  X                   X                    X                    X                    X
44                  X                   X                    X                    X                    X
47                  X                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X
50                  X                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X
52                  X                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X                     X
54                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X                     X
57                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X                     X
60                   X                    X                    X                    X                      X                     X
62                   X                    X                    X                   X                      X                     X

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This brand is known to many people as a motorsports tire supplier. But since 2017, they have been manufacturing bike tires and tubulars, using their experience from motorsports. Currently, their offer includes tires for road, MTB and city.

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