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Fenix ​​HM51R Ruby V2.0 rechargeable headlamp

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Fenix ​​HM51R Ruby V2.0 rechargeable headlamp

The second generation of the very popular Fenix ​​HM51R Ruby V2.0 rechargeable headlamp offers a luminous flux of up to 700 lumens (ANSI) of neutral white light (4500 K) with an afterglow of up to 120 meters and is also equipped with red LEDs . The Fenix ​​HM51R headlamp is an ideal companion for a variety of sports activities, trips to nature, home and work.

The Fenix ​​HM51R headlamp is a limited edition that is based on the Fenix ​​HM50R headlamp and offers a number of improvements. For example, a warmer shade of light, a magnetic end, constant regulation in most modes, more red light modes and more.

All lamp parameters (luminous flux, battery operation time, waterproofing, afterglow and impact resistance) are measured in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standard.

The use

From the factory, there may be a black insulating cap inside the lamp on the battery. Before first use , remove it from the battery .

When the headlamp is turned off, it will turn on to the last used white light mode by holding the button for 0.5 seconds. When the headlamp is off, press the button twice quickly to turn on the last used red light mode. The headlamp is turned off by holding down the button for 0.5 seconds.

Switching power modes: If the headlamp has a white light on, short presses of the button can cyclically switch power modes in the order of 3 - 50 - 150 - 400 - 700 lumens. If the headlamp has a red light on, short presses of the button can cyclically switch the lighting modes in the order red 1 lumen - red 5 lumens - red flashing - red SOS. The lamp has a memory and will always turn on in the last set mode (applies to white and red light).

Protection against overheating: Operation at the highest mode is limited to 1 minute, after which the output is gradually reduced to approx. 500 lumens for 5 minutes. If the internal temperature of the lamp rises above 60 °C, it will automatically start to further reduce the power in gradual steps until the temperature stabilizes. As soon as the temperature of the lamp drops below 60 °C, the power will gradually increase again. Operation on the 400 lumen mode is limited to 5 minutes, then the output gradually decreases to 200 lumens for 5 minutes.

Battery charge status indication: If the headlamp is turned off, one press of the button turns on the battery charge status indication for 3 seconds, which is shown by the colored backlight of the button:
Constant Green: 100% - 80%
Green flashing: 80% - 50%
Constant Red: 50% - 20%
Red flashing: 20% or less (recharge the headlamp as soon as possible)
The indication works correctly only with rechargeable RCR123A / 16340 batteries.

1. Turn off the headlamp. Plug the USB cable into any USB source. Unfold the sealing cap of the charging connector and plug the USB-C connector of the charging cable into the headlamp.
2. During charging, the LED indicator in the button lights up red, after reaching full charge it lights up green. A fully discharged Fenix ​​ARB-L16-700P battery is charged in approximately 1.5 hours.
3. After charging, disconnect the cable and carefully seal the charging connector with a rubber cap to prevent dust and water from entering.
4. In case of long-term storage, charge the headlamp before using it again. The used battery does not have a memory effect, so it can be recharged even if it is not completely discharged.
5. While charging, you can use the headlamp in 3 and 50 lumen white light modes and all red light modes.

Low battery warning: If the battery voltage drops below the set level, the headlamp automatically switches to lower power modes. If the headlamp is already switched to the lowest power mode and the battery is critically discharged, the indicator in the button will start flashing red. However, the headlamp will continue to shine until the battery is completely discharged. The low battery warning is only calibrated to the voltage of rechargeable Li-ion batteries.


  • Do not disassemble the sealed part in the lamp head yourself, this will void the warranty.
  • If using a disposable CR123A battery, do not try to charge it in the lamp.
  • If the protective rubber rings appear damaged after a long period of use, replace them. The rings must also be lubricated to prevent rubber erosion. By following these rules, the lamp will be properly protected against water.
  • If the light flickers, does not switch to higher power modes, or does not light up, it may be for one of the following reasons:
    • The battery is almost empty - charge it or replace it.
    • The contacts inside the lamp are dirty - clean them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
    • The back part of the lamp is loose - tighten it.

Product features

Smooth light cone with a afterglow of up to 120 meters (3690 cd)
A premium powerful Cree XP-G3 LED with a neutral light shade (4500 K) and a lifespan of 50,000 hours and two red Everlight LEDs are used.
Five white light modes: 700 lumens (0.5 hours) -> 400 lumens (1.5 hours) -> 150 lumens (2.5 hours) -> 50 lumens (8 hours) -> 3 lumens ( 120 hours ).
Four red light modes: red light 5 lumens (36 hours) -> 1 lumen (100 hours) -> red flashing 5 lumens (72 hours) -> SOS 5 lumens (72 hours).
It is powered by one rechargeable battery type RCR123A , which is recharged directly in the lamp via the USB-C connector , alternatively, it is possible to use a disposable lithium battery CR123A (with a limited maximum output of 150 lumens).
In an emergency, a single 3V CR123A lithium battery can also be used for power, but the highest available mode will be 150 lumens.
In addition, there is an indicator LED in the control button, thanks to which you will always know when to recharge the battery.
The end of the lamp is magnetic, so it can be easily attached to anything iron.
The lamp is powered by a digitally regulated constant current to guarantee a constant light output even when the voltage in the batteries is reduced (while they are gradually discharged).
The practicality of the headlamp increases the possibility to remove the light from the head holder and use it also as a small pocket flashlight. In addition, the headlamp is equipped with a removable steel clip, so you can easily attach it to a pocket or strap.
Protection against reverse battery insertion (reverse polarity).
Comfortable strap with reflective elements.
The efficiently designed holder also functions as a buckle if you remove the headlamp from the strap.
Simple control with one switch.
Body made of high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy A6061-T6. Durable hard-to-scratch surface - Type III hard anodized.
Quality TIR optics with high light transmission.
The Fenix APB-20 case and a set of black AFH-02 straps without reflective elements can be purchased for the headlamp - they are suitable, for example, for the army, police or hunters.
After removing the headlamp from the holder, it can be attached to the handlebars with Lockblock and Bikeblock holders.
It is also possible to buy a USB adapter for the mains and a USB adapter for the car or a spare battery RCR123A with USB.

Product details

Sport cycling, hiking, nordic skiing, running, ski mountaineering, trail run, mountaineering, climbing, via ferrata, camping
Colour black
Weight 80 g (including strap and battery)
Afterlight 120 m
Power 700 lm
Waterproof IP68 (immersion 2 m)
Max. keep holding on 120 hours
Dimensions 66mm length x 36mm width x 32mm height (including headlamp mount)
Light source Cree XP-G3
Number of modes 9
Package contents Fenix HM51R V2.0 headlamp, ARB-L16-700P battery, spare o-ring, charging USB-C cable, manual, warranty card
Charging 1.5 hours
product ID 140909

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This American brand specializes in the development and manufacture of bike lights and headlamps. Some of their lights have remaining lighting time indicators and light beam control right from handlebars.

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