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Fenix HL32R-T rechargeable headlamp, 800 lm, black

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Fenix ​​HL32R-T rechargeable headlamp

The running rechargeable Fenix ​​HL32R-T headlamp is characterized by low weight and a unique design with two reflectors. The main reflector creates a well-focused light beam with an output of 800 lumens and an afterglow of up to 132 meters. The second reflector with an output of 200 lumens has a very wide and continuous light trail with an afterglow of 30 meters, in addition, it has a warmer shade of light (neutral white). The advantage of this shade of light is a more natural and contrasting presentation of colors not only in nature. The control of both LEDs is independent of each other (but the cones cannot be combined). The battery can be removed and replaced in an emergency with three regular AAA batteries (however, they cannot be charged in the headlamp).

Thanks to its lighter weight and construction, the headlamp is especially interesting for trail running. In addition, it is also suitable for other sports activities (hiking, climbing, camping, cross-country skiing, fishing...). Guaranteed to serve you well in any situation!

All parameters of the headlamp (luminous flux, operating time on batteries, waterproofing, afterglow and impact resistance) are measured in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standard.

The Fenix ​​APB-20 case, a large Fenix ​​APB-30 case, a USB adapter for the mains and a USB car adapter, a USB adapter supporting fast charging and a colorful illuminated USB-C cable can be purchased for the headlamp. You can also order a spare strap without a tightening wheel in several color variants.

Using the Fenix ​​HL32R-T headlamp

The remote reflector is turned on by holding down the right button (approx. 0.5 s) and always starts in the last used mode. The wide reflector is turned on by holding down the left button (0.5 s) and always starts in the lowest mode. Light functions are switched by briefly pressing the corresponding button. Both reflectors cannot be switched on at the same time. The headlamp is turned off by holding down any button (approx. 0.5 s). 

Battery charge status indication - after a short press of any button (headlight must be switched off), the LED battery charge status indicator between the buttons is activated. Four LEDs on means the battery is 80-100% charged, three on 60-80%, two on 40-60%, one on 20-40% and one blinking means the battery is less than 20% charged.

The control buttons can be locked to prevent spontaneous activation, e.g. when transporting in luggage - in the switched off state, press one or both buttons and hold them for at least 3 seconds, then the headlamp will flash, indicating that it is locked. To unlock, it is necessary to hold both buttons again for three seconds.

Protection against overheating - if the temperature of the headlamp exceeds 65 °C, it will automatically reduce the power in gradual steps until the temperature stabilizes. As soon as the temperature drops below 65 °C, it will be possible to switch to higher performance modes again.

Charging - open the cover of the USB-C connector and plug in the attached charging cable, plug the other end of the cable into a computer, power bank or USB adapter into the mains or car (not included in the package). During charging, the status LEDs show the charging progress. After charging is complete, all four light up. While charging, the headlamp can only be used in low power mode.

Using the rotary wheel to adjust the length of the head strap - To tighten the strap, press the wheel and turn it clockwise. To loosen the strap, pull out the wheel and loosen the strap.


  • Do not disassemble the sealed parts yourself, this will void the warranty.
  • Use only the original Li-ion ARB-LP1900 battery, if using disposable AAA batteries, do not try to charge them in the headlamp
  • If the headlamp flashes, does not switch to higher power modes, or does not light up, it may be for one of the following reasons:
  • The battery is discharged - charge it or replace it.
  • The contacts inside the headlamp are dirty - clean them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Product features

Remote reflector : 800 lm (3 h) -> 200 lm (8 h) -> 70 lm (20 h)
Wide reflector : 200 lm (8 h) -> 70 lm (20 h) -> 5 lm (150 h) -> SOS flashing 5 lm (300 h)
The body of the headlamp is made of light magnesium alloy and its construction is fully dustproof and waterproof according to the IP66 standard, and also shockproof when dropped from a height of 2 meters
The strap is perforated and supplemented with reflective elements that ensure good passive visibility when running on the road
It is charged via a modern USB-C connector directly in the headlamp
Wide strap with the new Sport Fit System with a rotary wheel for easy adjustment of the strap length. You can quickly and comfortably tighten the headlamp on your head with one hand.
Cadence sensing: brightness automatically adjusts to running speed
The headlamp can be tilted in a few steps and thereby set the desired lighting direction
Digital power regulation, battery charge status indication (only works when using the included battery)
Two switches for convenient control with the possibility of locking against unwanted activation in the luggage
Made of lightweight magnesium alloy and durable hardened plastic

Product details

Sport cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, running, ski mountaineering, alpine skiing, trail running, alpinism, climbing, via ferrata, camping
Colour black
Power supply type USB-C
Battery type rechargeable, battery powered
Reach 132 m
Charging time approx. 3 h
Package contents headlamp, Fenix ​​ARB-LP1900 Li-ion battery, head strap, USB-C charging cable
Dimensions 6.6 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.0 cm
Waterproof IP66 (heavy rain)
Light source Luminus SST-20, Redlights LED
Power supply ARB-LP1900, 3x AAA
Weight 107 g
Max. power 800 lm
Max. operating time 300 hours
Number of modes 7
product ID 219965

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Fenix is a respected brand in the lighting industry, known for its high quality and reliable products. Founded in 2004, Fenix has built a reputation for producing a wide range of flashlights, headlamps, torches and other lighting solutions that are designed for a variety of outdoor, tactical and everyday use options. With its commitment to innovation, durability and reliability, Fenix has become a trusted name in the flashlight and lighting industry.

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