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Nutrend ISODRINX drink

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A professional sports drink with electrolytes in loose form, which will ensure a high-quality dose of energy during intense physical activity. It is an ideal source of liquids with a high content of quickly absorbable carbohydrates, vitamins and sodium.

* isotonic and hypotonic dilution
* electrolytes
* a mixture of 10 vitamins
* without artificial colors
* without artificial sweeteners
* instant mix
* 80 mg of caffeine per dose (blue raspberry flavor)

Use: mix in water according to the recommended dosage, do not use mineral water.
After opening, store at 25°C and use within 2 months. Shake the container (bag) before use! - (valid for packaging 420 g and 1000 g)

The composition exactly corresponds to the body's requirements during intense exercise:
* increased carbohydrate content - carbohydrates 90%, of which simple sugars 84%
* high amount of energy per serving - carbohydrates 32 g, sugars 29 g
* optimal ratio of minerals - minerals in forms that are maximally usable by the body
* double dilution option
* you get from 420 g (package contents).
* => 6 l of isotonic drink
* => 9 l hypotonic drink
* you get from 1000 g (package contents).
* => 14.3 l of isotonic drink
* => 21.5 l hypotonic drink
A high-quality drinking regimen during exercise helps to rehydrate the body faster and replenish lost minerals.

* effective hydration of the body
* energy replenishment and performance support
* supplementation of mineral balance

The isotonic drink is intended for activities with a very high intensity and a relatively short duration (approx. up to 60 minutes).
Use the hypotonic drink during performances with a longer duration (over 60 minutes) and during activities with a lower intensity, 100 ml every 10 minutes.

An isotonic drink has the same osmotic pressure as body fluids. Due to the fact that human sweat has a lower osmolality than body fluids, it is necessary to pay attention to targeted and controlled dosing. The content of minerals in sweat is inversely proportional to the temperature of the surrounding environment (with increasing temperature, the concentration of minerals in sweat decreases), therefore, at temperatures above 25 ° C, it is necessary to increase the amount of water used to prepare ISODRINX by 10 to 20%. With disproportionately increased consumption of isotonic drinks, there may be a greater intake of electrolytes than their expenditure, and thus a higher intake than the current need. This will result in a thickening of their concentration in the extracellular fluids and a disruption of the osmotic balance between the extracellular fluid and the cells.

ISODRINX simultaneously supplies the entire spectrum of essential vitamins.
The mineral mixture is combined with simple sugars (glucose, sucrose) and complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin), which guarantees the effect of delivering "fast" and "slow" energy.
The drink, in the recommended quantity, is intended for each individual for regular replenishment of fluids and basic minerals. Use a hypotonic drink during the performance to hydrate the body. Use an isotonic drink during exercise to replenish energy and lost minerals. It can also be used before the race for pre-supply with carbohydrates and minerals.

Recommended dosage:
* the dilution ratio for the Isotonic drink is 35 g (slightly filled measuring cup) per 500 ml of water (osmolality 275-305 mOsm / kg)
* the dilution ratio for the HYPOtonic drink is 35 g per 750 ml of water (osmolality less than 250 mOsm / kg)

Use clean water for preparation, not mineral water.
After opening, store at 25°C and use within 2 months. Shake the container before use!

Flavored soft drink with added vitamins. Especially suitable for athletes.
It is not intended for children under 3 years of age. Protect from heat, frost and moisture.

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Professional sports drink with electrolytes in loose form.

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Czech brand Nutrend offers dietary supplements for endurance sports, bodybuilding and an active lifestyle. In their 25 years of existence, they worked up to the top of European brands. Today, they sponsor prestigious world-class teams and athletes.

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