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Mountain Equipment Xeros - REG sleeping bag, crimson


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Sleeping bags Sleeping bags (Mountain Equipment)
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Choose the right sleeping bag

Mountain Equipment's range of down sleeping bags is really wide. From ultralight summer sleeping bags to expedition sleeping bags for extreme conditions. We have therefore developed a brief PDF guide that will help you find your way around and choose the right down sleeping bag.

High-quality sleep is one of the basic requirements for full-fledged regeneration with every ascent. Mountain Equipment XEROS down sleeping bag is resistant to water, wind and is breathable . Thanks to the sophisticated construction and the highest quality goose down 800+ cuin, you will stay warm. You can sleep comfortably even during frosty nights. In addition, with a 10-year warranty.

  • surface material DRILITE ® LOFT XERO 10D is extremely light, highly breathable and waterproof.
  • 605 g of goose feathers with a ratio of dust particles of 90/10 with a minimum filling of 800 cuin.
  • Alpine Fit cut - inside with stretch seams for better loft and maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Trapezoid chambers.
  • Optimized feather distribution and precise volume for each chamber separately.
  • The side seams are located at the bottom of the sleeping bag and the side chamber is V-shaped.
  • Anatomically shaped hood with 7 chambers.
  • Anatomically shaped and beveled foot area from 6 chambers.
  • Full-length zip side gusset and integrated neck collar with simple Lode Lock™ magnetic closure.
  • surface material DRILITE® LOFT XERO 10D on the inside of the hood and the area of the feet.
  • Supplied with waterproof case and storage net.
  • Weight: 1075 g.


DRILITE® LOFT XERO 10 D is a strong and light waterproof surface material with a PU coating , which makes a great sleeping bag for bivouacs . It also has a water-repellent DWR treatment on the surface, which contributes even more to keeping the feathers dry even in wet conditions. Thanks to its water resistance and low weight, the feathers maintain a high loft for maximum thermal insulation in any conditions.

  • Light material - 28 g/m2.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Wind resistant.
  • Water resistant - 1,500 mm.
  • Made in Japan.

The inner material ULTRASOFTTM 20 is chosen for its low weight , high breathability , exceptional durability and pleasant feeling to the touch. It is also a feather-proof material.

  • Low weight (36 g/m2).
  • High breathability.
  • Durability.

The best goose down on the market - 800+ fill

800 cuin goose down from Eastern Europe is the best down available on the market. It contains at least 90% down and each batch is individually tested to meet the 800 cuin fill and to meet all the conditions of the ethical DOWN CODEX®.

Goose feathers are gently cleaned with water without chemical treatment. This destroys the mites and the environment for their life, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers. The feathers retain their important fatness and loft, are packable well, have high insulation and low weight.

- 605 g of goose feathers.
- Minimum capacity of 800+ cuin.
- Down ratio 90:10
- Complies with DOWN CODEX®.
- Long life.

Construction details of the sleeping bag

In each chamber, the amount of feathers is precisely calculated per gram for minimum weight and maximum warmth. This innovative "chamber by chamber" approach was developed by Matt Fuller, who is the only outdoorsman to hold a PhD in feather research.
Structurally exceptional insulation - the so-called Body-mapping takes into account the needs of each part of the body separately. That's why Matt Fuller calculated the exact feather density in each chamber separately.
Not even a gram of heat escapes – Thanks to the alpha chambers, almost no heat escapes from the sleeping bag. Alpha chambers in the shape of trapezoids minimize heat loss through the seams and keep the feathers in place, without migration in the chambers. The heat remains inside thanks to the elimination of thermal bridges in the seams, as is known for example with classic H chambers.
3D hood without the need to pull it down - the hood is shaped to protect the head even without pulling it down. 7 chambers prevent feather migration, protect your head from heat loss and thus ensure a pleasant sleep. If you need to remove the hood, no problem. By the shape of the cord, you know exactly whether you are pulling the upper part of the hood (flat cord) or the lower part of the hood (round cord).
Ergonomic shape for the feet - the feet need to be insulated as best as possible, because they get little blood flow. The bottom of the sleeping bag is tapered in the shape of a trapezoid and the tip area is raised like a shark's fin. Thanks to this ergonomic shape, you will not press the chamber in the leg area with your feet and the insulating properties that keep your feet warm will not be lost. The bottom of the sleeping bag is made of the warmest V-chambers and is so complicated that it is made separately and then sewn to the sleeping bag.
The feathers used for the bottom of the sleeping bag and on the hood have a higher filling density, which prevents moisture from penetrating deeper into the chamber. You will appreciate this when sleeping in a grave, when in contact with a wet wall or when there is condensed moisture in a tent.
Protective 3D collar around the neck - to prevent heat from escaping from the sleeping bag, there is a down 3D collar on the inside that fills the space around the shoulders and neck. That's how the sleeping bag is "plugged". There is less feather density in the collar to precisely mold to the shape of your shoulders and neck. All the same, a magnetic stud that you can put on and take off intuitively with one hand.
Insulation pad under the zipper - the weakest point of sleeping bags is usually the zipper. The triangular bed is filled with feathers and synthetics, which adheres to the sleeping bag. The synthetics prevent the feathers from moving along the leg and at the same time insulates even when wet. The zipper is located in the lower half of the sleeping bag so that the heat that rises up does not escape through the zipper.
EXL stretch threads - they are used on the inside of the sleeping bag and "hug" you better. By eliminating air circulation in the sleeping bag, better insulation properties are achieved and thermal comfort is increased without adding weight.

YKK® zipper with automatic lock

In the Mountain Equipment sleeping bag, you will not experience the unpleasant feeling of waking up at night with the zipper open, because it has a zipper lock and will not unzip on its own. With a simple pull, you release the lock and open the sleeping bag only when you want to.

It works even after freezing - a high-quality zipper from the manufacturer YKK® is used for comfortable fastening without snagging. This particular zipper works without problems even in the cold and you can rely on it at any time.

Sleeping bag

Mountain Equipment XEROS bivouac sleeping bag with waterproof material that will keep you warm even at -14 °C. The weight of 1075 g does not burden you much and you do not have to look for compromises between weight and thermal comfort. A down sleeping bag for alpine-style ascents or the most demanding ascents, where every gram counts!

What will you get with your purchase?

Sleeping outside can be both a pleasant experience and a nightmare. However, investing in a quality down sleeping bag from Mountain Equipment is well worth it. You will get a guarantee of satisfaction, because 55 years of experience in the development of sleeping bags has enabled the Mountain Equipment brand to create sleeping bags that have no analogues in the world.

Long service life with warranty - 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Feathers from sustainable production - DOWN CODEX®.
Comfortable temperature for good sleep - GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP GUARANTEED -14 °C.
Service – post-warranty repairs, cleaning and impregnation.

A guarantee of good sleep

If you buy this sleeping bag and it is not warm enough for you, you can exchange it for a warmer model. You can try the sleeping bag within 30 days of purchase, and if it doesn't feel warm enough, exchange it for a higher model. Just come, bring an undamaged sleeping bag, pay the difference for a higher model and that's it!

Mountain Equipment quotes a "Good Night Sleep Guaranteed" value on every sleeping bag and for this model the value is -14°C. This value was measured using real-world conditions and takes into account factors such as wind and humidity.

Service across time

Everyone tries to avoid a situation where they tear or otherwise damage their sleeping bag. It is inconvenient and in that case Mountain Equipment will repair your sleeping bag at its nearest service center in Munich. The repair normally takes up to 14 days, and the sleeping bag will be returned to you fully functional.

DOWN CODEX® – a symbol of an ethical approach to animal husbandry

DOWN CODEX® is a control of the origin of feathers, its quality, ethical and ecological approach to animal husbandry. Every year, the farms from which Mountain Equipment buys feathers are inspected by the independent Swiss organization IDFL to meet the highest quality parameters. This guarantees a high quality of living conditions for the animals and thus also the quality of the feathers. One does not work without the other.

Each product with feathers has a unique code, under which you can find the origin of the feathers and its parameters.
A comprehensive and transparent system for auditing the origin of feathers, from all brands and anywhere in the world.
In Mountain Equipment products, feathers are always just a by-product of meat or egg farming.
Color: Crimson
Length of sleeping bag: 190
Type of insulating material: feathers
Feather type: goose down
Feather type: goose feather
DWR (Durable Water Repellent): yes
Extreme: -31
Gender: Male
Good night sleep: -14
Comfort: -5
Comfort limit: -12
Compression pack: yes
Material: nylon
Material: Feathers
Diaphragm: yes
Number of feathers: 605
Hood adjustability: yes
Storage case: yes
Number of chambers in the hood: 7
Number of chambers in the area of the feet: 6
Down ratio: 90/10
Packaged size: 27x25x21
Retractable hood: yes
Pulling the collar: yes
Fit: Alpine Fit
Chamber type: V-chambers
Chamber type: Trapezoidal chambers
Size: LZ
Outer fabric: DRILITE® Xero, 28g/m², 10D Nylon
Water column: 1,500
Manufacturers: Mountain Equipment
Body height: 185

Product details

Sex Men, Women, Unisex
Sport hiking, mountaineering, climbing, via ferrata, camping
Season Winter, Transition
Colour red
product ID 210630

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Honesty, responsibility and deep respect for the mountains, the environment and nature. These are the values of the British brand Mountain Equipment, which has been part of countless expeditions and climbs to the highest peaks in the world since 1961. For more than 60 years, it has been producing top quality equipment for the most daring mountaineering and polar expeditions to the most inhospitable places on the planet. It prides itself on premium materials and is a major development partner of the GORE-TEX membrane manufacturer

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