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Cycle computers: Tachometers and GPS devices

Cycle computers

A cycle computer is a modern bicycle accessory that allows you to monitor and record data about the ride and the cyclist. The basic ones include tachometers, which differ in the number of functions and the way they communicate with sensors. The ones with cables are cheaper, the ones without cables are smarter. GPS devices have the same function, which additionally record data using satellites (not just GPS). Thanks to them, you can see exactly where you went, and you can pair them with applications such as STRAVA. They enable the connection of external sensors, most often using ANT+ or Bluetooth.

What types of cycling computers are there?

  • Wired bicycle computers: These devices are attached to the bicycle wheel and use a cable to transmit data to the display unit. They are generally more affordable, but can be a little less comfortable because of the wire.
  • Wireless bike computers: These devices use wireless technology to transmit data from the sensors on the bike to the display unit. They offer a cleaner setup and are easier to install and use.
  • GPS bike computers: These devices use GPS technology to track speed, distance, and location. They provide advanced features such as mapping, navigation and the ability to download and analyse driving data.

What are the main functions of cycle computers?

These devices provide valuable data and information that can help cyclists improve their training, track their progress and explore new routes with confidence. Most GPS cycle computers are equipped with the following functions:
  • Performance tracking: Cycling computers and GPS devices allow cyclists to track basic data such as speed, distance, time, and cadence. This information helps monitor and analyse performance, set goals, and track progress over time.
  • Navigation: GPS devices provide navigation that allows cyclists to discover new routes and find their way without getting lost. This is especially useful for long drives, hiking or exploring new areas.
  • Data sharing: Many bike computers and GPS devices allow users to sync their data with apps or online platforms, allowing them to share their rides, take part in challenges and connect with other cyclists in a supportive community.
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