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Fixed bike seatposts


When choosing a fixed bicycle seatpost, several factors must be considered to suit your specific needs and preferences. Here is a guide to help you choose:


  • Material:
    • Aluminium: Commonly used for its balance between strength and affordability.
    • Carbon fibre: It is light and known for its vibration dampening properties. Carbon seatposts are usually more expensive.
    • Steel: It is durable but heavier compared to aluminium and carbon fibre. Steel seatposts tend to be cheaper.
  • Diameter: You can determine the correct diameter of the seat post according to the seat tube of the bicycle frame or according to the manufacturer's data. Common diameters are 27.2 mm, 31.6 mm and 31.6 mm.
  • Length: Choose the length of the seat post, which allows you to adjust the height of the seat correctly. Some seatposts come in different lengths and can be shortened to the required length.
  • Driving type: Consider your driving style. Road cyclists may prefer light and aerodynamic fixed saddles. Mountain bike riders may prefer durability and simplicity.
  • Weight: Consider weight and durability, as extremely light components can be at the expense of strength.


By considering these factors, you can choose a rigid bicycle seat that matches your riding style, fits your bike correctly and provides the comfort and performance you want.

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PRO LT saddle, 400 mm In stock > 5 pcs

PRO LT saddle, 400 mm

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BBB BSP-20 SKYSCRAPER saddle In stock > 5 pcs


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FOR seatpost KORYAK 20 mm offset 400 mm In stock 1 pc

-8% FOR seatpost KORYAK 20 mm offset 400 mm

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CTM XC seat post, Ø-27.2 mm/350 mm In stock 1 pc

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MAX1 seat post, 400 mm In 3 days

MAX1 seat post, 400 mm

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