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Spacers and bearings

Spacers and bearings

Bearings for the bottom brackets of bicycles are essential components that allow the crankset to rotate smoothly and ensure efficient energy transfer. Different types of bearings are designed for different systems of bottom brackets. Consider the following factors when choosing bearings:

  • Compatibility: Make sure that the selected bearings are compatible with the specific bottom bracket system. Different bottom bracket standards (e.g. threaded, pressed) require different sizes and types of bearings.
  • Material: Bearings are normally made of steel or ceramic. Steel bearings are cost-effective and have good durability, while ceramic bearings provide less friction and higher efficiency. Consider your performance needs and budget when choosing a material.
  • Sealing: Look for bearings with effective sealing mechanisms to protect against dirt, moisture and contaminants. Sealed bearings require less maintenance and provide better service life.
  • Riding conditions: If you often ride in wet or muddy conditions, consider stainless steel bearings, which have excellent corrosion resistance. For performance-oriented riders, ceramic bearings can provide smoother running and higher efficiency.
By considering these factors, you can choose the right bearings for the bottom bracket, which will ensure smooth and efficient energy transfer, durability and a pleasant riding experience.


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