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Bike handlebars and bar ends

Handlebars and bar ends

Choosing the right bike handlebars is crucial for comfort, handling and the overall riding experience. There are several parameters to consider when making this decision. Here's a short guide to help you choose the right handlebars:


  • Bike type: Consider the type of bike you are choosing handlebars for (road, mountain, trekking, etc.). Different handlebars are designed for different riding styles and purposes.
  • Width: Handlebar width affects stability and handling. For road bikes, shoulder width is used as a basic parameter, choose handlebars with the same or slightly wider width for easier handling. Mountain bikes use handlebars with a width of between 700 mm and 780 mm, depending on the height of the rider and the terrain. The ideal handlebar width can therefore vary depending on rider preference, bike type and terrain.
  • Rise:Bicycle handlebar travel refers to the vertical distance between the centre of the handlebars, where they connect to the stem, and the grips or ends of the handlebars. It is an important factor that affects the posture, comfort and handling of the bicycle.
  • Material: Handlebars are commonly made of aluminium or carbon fibre. Aluminum is durable and cost-effective, while carbon fiber is lighter and absorbs more vibration.
  • Diameter: The diameter of a bicycle's handlebars refers to the middle part of the handlebars where they connect to the stem. This dimension is very important as it determines the compatibility of the handlebars with the stem and other components.


Remember that personal preference plays a big part in choosing handlebars, so take the time to find what suits you best.

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