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Front derailleurs

Front derailleurs

When choosing a derailleur, you need to monitor the number of chainrings for which it is intended, as well as compatibility with other parts of the gear shift. There are differences between different brands, so it is ideal to choose all parts from one brand. The derailleur is attached directly to the frame or with the help of a sleeve. There are several types of derailleurs available on the market, each designed to suit different types of bikes and riding styles. Here are some common types:

  • Traditional derailleur: This type of derailleur is commonly found on road bikes and features a sleeve that attaches to the seat tube.
  • Direct mount derailleur: Direct mount derailleurs are becoming more popular and commonly used on mountain bikes. They are attached directly to the frame with two screws, providing better rigidity and better shifting performance, especially in difficult terrain.
  • Electronic derailleurs: Electronic derailleurs use motorized systems to shift gears, which ensure precise and easy shifting. Commonly found on high-end road bikes, they offer quick and reliable gear changes.

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