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Bike cable housings

Cable housings

Housing is basically a protective cover for cables. Housing, or bowden, is usually made of metal and plastic and protects the cables from dirt and moisture, ensuring trouble-free operation, reducing friction and extending the life of the cables.
There are two basic types of housing, brake bowdens and derailleur bowdens. Brake housings are often coiled, while those for derailleurs are more flexible and less rigid. They are made in different lengths and the required length depends on the particular bike and its components. The correct length of the housing and its optimal routing on the bike are essential for the smooth operation of brakes and derailleurs.

In short, bike housings play an important role in the functionality and safety of the bike. Regular maintenance, proper installation and selection of quality materials contribute to a trouble-free and reliable ride.

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BBB BCB-52 SHIFTLINE, 1 m In stock > 20 m


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Alligator LY-220 bowden brake In stock 4 m

Alligator LY-220 bowden brake

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Jagwire SWITCH brake set gold

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