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Bike brake levers

Brake levers and calipers

Brake levers are essential components of a bicycle's braking system that allow the rider to use the brakes effectively. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, each with its own features and benefits.

Modern brake levers are often designed with ergonomics in mind and offer comfortable shapes and materials that reduce hand fatigue during long drives. Many come with adjustable features such as range settings. This allows riders to fine-tune the lever position to suit their hand size and riding preferences, increasing comfort and control.

Regular inspection and maintenance of brake levers is important to ensure their proper function and safety in use. Check whether they are not worn, whether the components are not loose and whether the cable is properly tensioned or whether there is enough brake fluid in the reservoir.

Brake calipers are an equally important part of the bicycle braking system. The calipers are responsible for slowing down the bike by putting pressure on the brake disc, which creates friction and slows the bike down. They are mounted near the wheel hubs and have two opposing pistons. With hydraulic disc brakes, when the brake lever is pressed, hydraulic fluid is used to compress the pistons, which press the brake pads onto the rotor, which is attached to the wheel hub. With mechanical brakes, the pistons are compressed using the brake cable.

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