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Brake discs for bicycles

Brake discs

Bicycle brake discs play a key role in the safety and performance of a bicycle's braking system. Choosing the right type of brake disc for your bike, taking into account factors such as material, design, size and compatibility, can make a big difference to your riding experience and downhill safety. Vented and lightweight designs can improve cooling and reduce brake "drag" during heavy braking.

The diameter can affect braking performance, with larger discs offering better braking performance. They are available in a variety of diameters, typically from 140 mm to 203 mm.There are two main types of disc brake rotor mounts used in bicycles:

  • Center Lock: The Center Lock system features a splined interface between the rotor and the hub. The rotor has a corresponding lockring with internal splines. The lockring is threaded onto the hub, securing the rotor in place. It's a relatively simple and quick installation system.
  • 6-Bolt Mount: The 6-bolt mount system uses six evenly spaced bolt holes on the brake rotor. These holes align with matching holes on the hub. The rotor is attached to the hub using six bolts that pass through these holes. This system is widely used and is known for its compatibility across various brands.


Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the optimum condition of the brake discs. Over time, they can wear or warp, affecting their effectiveness.

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