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Alignment tools for derailleur hangers and brake discs

Alignment tools

A derailleur alignment hanger tool and brake rotor truing tool are essential equipment for bicycle service tools.

A derailleur hanger straightener is a specialized tool used in bike maintenance and repair to properly align the hanger of the derailleur, the small component that holds the rear derailleur to the bike's frame. The derailleur hanger plays a key role in the accurate shifting of a bicycle's gears. If bent or misaligned, it can lead to poor shifting, incorrect chain alignment, and even possible drivetrain damage.

A disc brake straightener is a specialized tool used to adjust and straighten brake discs. Disc brakes on bicycles can sometimes be misadjusted due to a variety of factors such as impacts, rotor distortion or normal wear and tear. Brake disc alignment ensures that the brake disc rotates smoothly and evenly in the caliper, preventing friction between the brake pads and ensuring efficient braking performance.

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