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Muc-Off C3 WET ceramic grease, 300 ml

Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube is an ultra-durable long distance bike chain lube and oil that has been specially developed to excel over long distances in wet or muddy conditions. Our state-of-the-art formula has been derived from natural ingredients and made entirely from renewable resources.

Muc-Off C3 Wet Chain Lube penetrates deep into the core of the chain link to provide long-lasting lubrication and complete protection. Our integral "Extreme Pressure Additives" cover every part of the link, ensuring silky smooth shifting and extremely efficient chain drive.

Our 300ml refill is made from 50% PCR aluminium, it's the best choice for anyone who rides a lot - so daily shredders, commuters or families full of rippers: this is for you! Just take any old lube bottle and top it up with a 300ml supply when you start to run low. Reusing is even better for the environment than recycling, so don't throw it away, save it and save the planet.
*Only the content is biodegradable
  • Ensures silky smooth gear shifting
  • It reduces friction and energy consumption
  • Repels water to protect chain and components
  • It excels in wet and muddy driving conditions
  • Additives for extreme pressure to increase efficiency
  • Composition based on vegetable oil for ecological protection
  • Can be applied to chain, derailleurs, cables, derailleurs, pedals and feet
  • Ideal for MTB, road bikes and cyclocross
Instructions for use of the cartridge:
Simply fill a 50ml or 120ml bottle with lubricant and follow the instructions for use on the filled bottle. Avoid contact with the brakes. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Instructions for using the lubricant:
1. Clean the chain thoroughly
2. Make sure the surface of the chain is dry
3. Apply a light amount of C3 Wet Ceramic Chain Lube to the inside (not the side) of the chain while pedaling backwards
4. Wipe off excess grease

Questions and answers:
For best results, we recommend always wiping off excess after application and, if possible, letting it dry for 3-4 hours before use.
C3 lubricants contain added nano-ceramic particles and synthetic polymers to help reduce friction (metal-to-metal contact on the chain) and offer long-distance performance and durability. C3 raises the bar when it comes to providing perfect lubrication.

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Muc-Off resides in Great Britain and produces cleaners and lubes. In their history of 30 years, they worked up to the top. They have a long-term partnership with the World Tour team INEOS (Sky before). Their offer includes eco-friendly cleaners for resistant dirt or very effective lubes for your bike.

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