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Cable locks

Cable locks

Bicycle cable locks are flexible and versatile security solutions for cyclists. These locks consist of a strong, braided steel cable enclosed in a protective casing, offering a convenient way to secure your bike in various situations.

Bicycle cable locks are known for their portability and ease of use. They are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for quick stops during rides or securing accessories like helmets or saddlebags. Their flexibility allows you to loop them through your bike frame and wheels, attaching them to a fixed object to deter theft.

While cable locks provide a level of security, they may not be as robust as D-locks or chain locks. Therefore, it's essential to choose a high-quality cable lock with a reliable locking mechanism and consider using it in combination with other security measures for maximum protection.
For convenience and peace of mind during your cycling adventures, bicycle cable locks are a valuable addition to your bike accessories.

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BBB BBL-31 POWERSAFE cable lock In stock 4 pcs

BBB BBL-31 POWERSAFE cable lock

from 15.29  RRP 19.99 

Kellys KLS Code lock In stock 16 pcs

Kellys KLS Code lock

3.39  RRP 5.02 

Kellys Castle KLS Hardcoil In 3 days > 5 pcs

Kellys Castle KLS Hardcoil

from 12.89  RRP 14.90 

CTM CODE cable lock, 1200/12 mm In 4 days

CTM CODE cable lock, 1200/12 mm

from 8.99  RRP 11.99 

Hiplok FX lock, red In 3 days 2 pcs

Hiplok FX lock, red

22.99  -4% RRP 36.90 

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