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Bike frame protection

Frame protection

Bicycle frame protection is used to prevent scratches, dents and other damage to the frame. Frame protection is especially important for mountain bikes that are often ridden on rough terrain, but can also be beneficial for road bikes and other types of bicycles.

Frame protection is available in a variety of materials including stickers, decals and films. Some frame protection products are made of transparent materials that allow the original frame color to be seen, while others are opaque or patterned. Frame protection can be applied to all parts of the frame including the top and bottom frame tube, seat tube and chainstay.

Frame protection can help:

  • preserve the new look of the frame and protect it from scratches and dents
  • reduce the risk of damage to the frame from stones, roots and other debris
  • increase the resale value of the bike
  • increase cycling comfort by reducing vibration and noise
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