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Tow-bar bike racks

Tow-bar bike racks

Tow-bar bike racks are a popular choice for cyclists because they are safe, easy to use and can accommodate a variety of bikes – including road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Tow-bar bike carriers can be classified according to the tilting mechanism. Some carriers fold down to allow access to the trunk or tailgate of the vehicle, while others do not. Folding carriers are generally more convenient, but they can also be more expensive.

The following factors are important to consider when choosing a bicycle carrier for a towing device:


After considering these factors, you can start looking for a bicycle carrier for a towing device. There are many different brands and models available, so be sure to compare their prices and features before buying.

  • Type of vehicle you have: Not all tow-bar bike racks are compatible with all vehicles. Make sure you choose a carrier that is specifically designed for your vehicle's tow-bar.
  • The type of bikes you want to transport: Some towing bike racks are designed to transport specific types of bikes, such as road or mountain bikes. Make sure you select a rack that is compatible with the type of bikes you want to transport.
  • The number of bicycles you want to transport: Bicycle racks for tow-bars can accommodate one to five bicycles. Make sure you choose a rack that is suitable for the number of bikes you want to transport.
  • Your budget: The price of bicycle racks on a towing device ranges from approximately 200 to 1,000 EUR. Before you start shopping, set a budget
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