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Tubular tires for road bikes

Tubular tires

Tubulars are a special type of tire for road bikes that differ from classic tires. Instead of being attached to the rim with a bead, the tires are sewn around the inner tube and the entire assembly is then installed on a specially designed rim. There are some benefits to calipers, and here's what you should know when considering using them on a road bike:

Advantages of tubulars:

  • Light weight: this makes them a popular choice for cyclists who want to reduce the overall weight of the bike.
  • Smooth ride: many cyclists appreciate the smooth ride that tubulars can provide due to their more rounded profile, which can improve cornering and handling.
  • Lower rolling resistance: compared to some tires, tubulars can have lower rolling resistance, which contributes to better overall performance.
  • The possibility of driving at very low pressure: if the tubular is empty, it is possible to travel a short distance on it. This can be beneficial in situations where riders need to continue driving to the finish line.
Disadvantages of tubulars:
  • Installation and repair: mounting of the tubulars requires gluing them to the rim, which can be difficult for beginners. Repairing a puncture is also more difficult than in the case of classic tires. 
  • Cost: compared to regular tires, tubulars are usually more expensive, and the special rims required for tubulars can add to the overall cost.
  • Availability: tubulars may not be as easily available, their supply may be more limited.

Choosing between tubulars and classic road tires comes down to specific preferences, riding style, and willingness to deal with the unique challenges of tires. Many road cyclists opt for classic tires due to their comfort and ease of use. 

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