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Tires and tubes for mountain bicycles


Choosing the right tires and tubes for your mountain bike (MTB) is critical to optimizing your bike's performance and ensuring a comfortable and safe ride.

Different terrains and driving styles require different tires. Common tire types include cross-country (XC), trail, enduro, downhill and all-mountain. Their size is usually expressed as, for example, 27.5 x 2.3 or 29 x 2.6, where the first number represents the diameter of the tire and the second number represents the width of the tire in inches. Wider tires provide more stability and grip, while narrower tires are lighter and faster.

The tread pattern of the tire is critical for traction and control. The tread pattern ranges from bumpy and aggressive for muddy and technical terrain, to smoother and faster rolling for dry and hard surfaces.

When choosing a jacket, consider whether you want to use tubeless or inner jackets. Tubeless tires offer better puncture resistance and can be used at lower pressures, which improves grip. Inner tubes are easier to install and maintain, but can be more prone to punctures.

Some tires are equipped with additional sidewall protection layers (e.g. EXO, Snakeskin) that reduce the risk of being punctured by sharp stones and debris. This can be beneficial for an aggressive driving style.

Different tires use different rubber compounds that affect grip and durability. Softer compounds offer better grip but wear faster, while harder compounds last longer but may not provide the same level of grip. Choose a mixture that suits your driving style and conditions.

If you opt for inner tubes, make sure you choose the appropriate tube size and valve type (Schrader or Presta) that match the rim size.

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