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Bike trainers and roller trainers

Trainers & Rollers
Bike trainers differ from each other in the way the bike is attached, the way in which resistance is simulated and the connectivity. A frequently monitored parameter is noise, as they are also used in apartments. Among the quietest are the trainers where are bikes attached after removing the rear wheel. On the contrary, the quieter ones include those that create resistance by rubbing the cylinder against the rear tire and the so-called. rollers. Smart trainers allow you to connect the trainer to a PC, tablet or phone. The load is controlled automatically and is used when using popular applications such as ZWIFT. At the opposite end are those where the resistance is set manually with the lever. Find out more about latest tests, articles and experiences with bike trainers in our MAGAZINE section. Check out our article: Homemade trainers - why use it, how to reduce noise and what mistakes not to make
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Saris M2 exercise bike In stock > 2 pcs

Saris M2 exercise bike

299  RRP 599  -50%

Elite JUSTO trainer In stock > 2 pcs

Clearance Elite JUSTO trainer

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Wahoo KICKR ROLLR SMART training rollers In stock > 2 pcs

Clearance Wahoo KICKR ROLLR SMART training rollers

709  RRP 799.90  -11%

Tacx Antares rollers starstarstarstarstar In stock 1 pc

Clearance Tacx Antares rollers

159  RRP 184  -14%

Elite NOVO SMART trainer In stock > 2 pcs

Elite NOVO SMART trainer

329  RRP 389  -15%

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