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Clip-in (SPD) road bike pedals

Clip-in (SPD) road bike pedals
SPD pedals are an excellent tool for improving pedaling efficiency and increasing bike control. The ones for the trip are designed with an focus on the transfer of strength and weight. Racers prefer those made of more durable and lighter materials such as carbon and titanium. Before selecting a specific model, make sure that your shoes are compatible. Before setting off with new pedals, try using them in a safe place. Find out more about latest tests, articles and experiences in our MAGAZINE section.
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Wahoo Speedplay Aero pedals In stock 1 pc

Wahoo Speedplay Aero pedals

265  RRP 299  -11%

X-pedo Thrust 8 pedals In 3 days 1 pair

X-pedo Thrust 8 pedals

232  RRP 257  -10%

Force SPD road pedals, red In stock 2 pairs

Force SPD road pedals, red

37.99  RRP 48.99  -23%

Force road pedals, black In 5 days

Force road pedals, black

41.99  RRP 48.99  -14%

BBB BPD-51 REBEL In 3 days > 2 pairs


70.99  RRP 74.99  -5%

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