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Bike frames

Frames and hangers
It's usually stated in the description of the frame, what is included in the price of the frame set. It can be a fork, seat post, suspension... For MTB frames it's important to find a variant for a specific wheel size. For road frames, focus on the design of the brakes (discs or classic). A cheaper frame variant is usually made of aluminum, lighter and more comfortable of carbon. The carbon frame is also easier to repair in case of damage. In the hangers section, we recommend that you choose the right version for your frame and stock up in case the damage of installed one.
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Marin Headlands frame set, blue/red In stock 2 pcs

Marin Headlands frame set, blue/red

from 1,619  RRP 1,999  -19%

Bianchi C1355409 heel In stock 1 pc

Clearance Bianchi C1355409 heel

12.19  RRP 15  -19%

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