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CO2 pumps and cartridges

CO2 pumps and cartridges
CO2 helps to pump your tyre or tube quickly and conveniently. You can either use a cartridge (with a valve head) or a CO2 pump. There are different sizes of cartridges (16g, 20g, 25g, etc.) for different tyres and tubes. You can mount them onto the frame with Velcro, under the bottlecage with screws or put them in a bag or a pocket. Do not forget to protect your fingers with a neoprene cover. Find out more about our latest tests, articles and experiences in the MAGAZINE section.
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BBB BMP-38 AirTank XL In stock > 10 pcs

BBB BMP-38 AirTank XL

5.49  RRP 6.99  -22%

Super B holder for CO2 cylinders In stock > 20 pcs

Sale Super B holder for CO2 cylinders

3.09  RRP 5.50  -44%

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