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Rex Domestique Chain Lube chain lubricant, 30 g

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Rex Domestique Chain Lube chain lubricant

REX cycle edition - the best universal preparation for lubricating bicycle chains. The undiluted chain lube Chain Lube was created on the basis of its own revolutionary production technology, which is used by Rex in the production of high-fluorine ski waxes. The special formula with a gel-like structure ensures optimal adhesion on the chain without added friction. The excellent properties of the lubricant have also been confirmed by recognized and independent laboratories in the USA and Finland.

Use of lubricant
- to achieve the best results, it is necessary to completely degrease and clean the chain before the first application of lubricant
- the lubricant is applied using the system one drop per link of the chain
- it is ideal to warm the chain before or after application, the lubricant will flow better into the insides of the chain
- before the next application, just wipe the chain thoroughly with a dry cloth
- the best lubricating properties and durability are achieved after only 3-4 applications
- 1 lubrication lasts 500 km of driving
- 1 package = 30 applications

Product features

Suitable for every season , dry and wet conditions, on the road and in the field
Ideal for recreational riding
Does not contain added water or thinner
After application, it is possible to drive immediately , there is no need to wait for any dripping or evaporation
Unlike conventional natural-based lubricants (olive oil, paraffin waxes) or thinners, lubricants last longer on the chain, so it does not need to be applied often
The fastest non-thinning and non-volatile lubricant (Friction Facts laboratory, USA)
Higher durability compared to undiluted lubricants and preparations containing mineral oils (WHEEL Energy laboratory, Finland)

Product details

Season / period year-round
Weight 30 g
product ID 59510

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Weight 36 g info

Ak hľadáte výkonné mazivo na všetky podmienky, odborník na vosky Rex z Fínska, môže byť odpoveď. V čom sa odlišuje a na čo si dať pozor pri aplikácii?

Značka Rex má dlhoročné skúsenosti v bežeckom lyžovaní pri výrobe vlastných voskov, ktoré aplikovala aj na cyklistiku v podobe maziva Rex Domestique. Môže byť vhodné pre náročných cyklistov, ktorí požadujú jedno mazivo na všetky podmienky s vysokou výdržou a minimálnym trením, pri zachovaní ľahkej údržby pohonu. Dôležitá je aj správna aplikácia, aby sa naplno prejavili spomínané vlastnosti.

Dovozcom značky Rex na Slovensko je Davorin a viac sa dozviete na tomto odkaze.
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Rating 4,6/5

(63 ratings)
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Finnish brand Rex has been making ski care since 1952, and in 2015 they also focused on bike care. Their Black Diamond lube won an independent laboratory test as "the most effective". Their offer also includes cleaners and vaseline.

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